Electro Motive Diesel

The EMD engine is the most efficient and durable marine engine in its class. The E23 utilizes mature, proven emissions reduction technologies to meet IMO III and US EPA Tier 4F. This results in maximum confidence in the engine and minimum risk in daily operations.

The E23 medium speed motor is available in an 8, 12, 16, or 20 cylinder configuration, each with 720/750 or 900 rpm. The power output ranges from 1,249 kW to 4,027 kW. In addition to the diesel version, a dual-fuel engine is available.

The engines are available for marine, drilling and stationary power applications.

Value properties of the E23:

  • Two cycle advantage. Enduring design. Legendary heritage.
  • Performance advantage. Superior transient response.
  • Operating range advantage. Enhanced efficiency and control.
  • Next generation advantage. The E 23B with integrated SCR system and next generation accessory rack.
  • Total cost of ownership advantage. Maximum uptime.
  • In this brochure you can read about all of the above and find the technical specifications.

Engine Ratings

Diesel (E 23/E 23B)
The E 23 has met the challenges of increasingly stringent global emissions standards through continuous optimization of its proven design. With only minor engine changes, and avoiding high cost technologies such as common rail fuel injection, the E 23B uses mature SCR technology to meet US EPA Tier 4F and IMO III, enabling maximum confidence and minimum risk in your daily operations.

See below the construction drawings of the E 23 and E 23B to see the differences.

EMD E 23 and E 23B

Technische specs E23B

Dual fuel (E 23 GB)

Dynamic gas blending™ (DGB™) provides the ability to substitute diesel fuel with natural gas at rates as high as 80% while allowing operation with 100% diesel fuel if needed. The engine seamlessly transitions from diesel to gas without interruption of power output. EMD patented DGB™ kits retain power output, transient response, and reliability of the original diesel.

Gas (Dual fuel) (E 23 GD)
Direct Injected Gas™ (DIG™), a uniquely designed high pressure gas system, is under development. The system utilizes a minimum amount of diesel pilot fuel to enable combustion of natural gas at rates of 95% and greater. Based entirely on the diesel cycle, the EMD DIG™ solution represents one of the cleanest and most fuel efficient natural gas technologies on the horizon

Compatible with many CAT Marine vessel solutions, including:

  • CAT Propulsion products, including azimuth and transverse thrusters, controllable pitch main propellers, and diesel- electric hybrid solutions
  • CAT Connect technologies such as Marine Asset Intelligence and Product Link
  • Alarm & Protection local engine control panels and remote displays
  • SOS oil sampling and analysis services