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M 25 C Generator set

As a generator set the M25 is available in a 50Hz and 60Hz version. The 50Hz version has an output range from 1,760 kWe (6M25C) to 2,850 kWe (9M20C) at 750 revolutions per minute. The output of the 60 Hz version ranges from 1,710 kWe (6M25C) to 2,700 kWe (9M25C) at 720 revolutions per minute.

For more information about the M25 as a generator set download following documents or visit www.marine.cat.com

Quick Facts

  • kW
    1800 - 3000
  • rpm
    720 - 750
  • bore
  • stroke
  • g/kW
    183 - 184

Dimensions and weight

Genset centre distance: min. 2700mm

Removal of cylinder liner:
in transverse direction: 3850mm
in longitudinal direction: 4075mm

Nozzle position: ask for availability

Engine with turbocharger at driving end available, ask for dimensions

Design Features

Crankshaft with thrust bearing

Generously sized trunnions capable of bearing the single-part gearwheel for the control drive.


Camshaft with individual cylinder sections and integrated non-adjustable cams for injection and valve timing.

Cylinder liner with calibration ring

Robust cylinder liner protected from wear that has longer oil change intervals thanks to reduced dirt intake.

Multifunctional cooling water ring

Cooling water ring catering action during assembly of cylinder liner and head and protects cylinder head bolts from corrosion.



First ring with chromium ceramic-plated running surface

High-efficiency turbocharger

Corrosion-free turbocharger with low temperature level of components surrounding the combustion chamber.

Cylinder head

Complex component in nodular cast iron, stiffness from twin-bottom design.

Injection Pumps

Injection Pumps

Monobloc designed injection pumps with constant-pressure valve and integrated low-pressure damping preventing high pressure pulses.