M43 Generator set

The M 43 C is a four-stroke diesel engine, non-reversible, turbocharged and intercooled with direct fuel injection.

Quick Facts

  • kW
    6.000 - 9.000
  • rpm
  • bore
  • stroke
  • g/kW
    175 - 176

Dimensions and weight

in transverse direction X1 = 3530 mm
in longitudinal direction X2 = 3975 mm

Cylinder Liner
in transverse direction Y1 = 4165 mm
in longitudinal direction Y2 = 4610 mm
in transverse dir. reduced Y1 red = 3705 mm

Engine centre distance 3400 mm
(2 engines side by side)

Design Features

Turning device

Fastened directly to the engine block in a safe and low vibration manner.

The turbocharger group consists of a high-performance turbocharger, a cartridge-type air cooler casing and charge air cooler

The cast charge air cooler casing forms a secure foundation for the turbocharger.

The governor drive

The straight-tooth gearwheel drive is safe and requires no further adjustment.

The media duct system

External pipe work has been reduced to a minimum.

Engine block

Engine block

Firm base for main and camshaft bearings due to inherent rigidity.

Lower valve drive and injection pump drive

Of modular construction, the component is of simple and robust design and boasts increased operational safety because no ad justment work is necessary.

Control stand with monitoring components

All the engine performance data can be simply inspected on a new control stand arrangement with reliable, analog displays.

Flex Cam Technology (FCT)

The FCT system is a cornerstone of our emission reduction technology. Characteristic fuel injection and inlet valve timing are load controlled.

Cooled injection nozzles

The design of the cooled injection nozzle provides a number of advantages, particularly during heavy fuel operation.

Latest Improvements