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VM 43 Generator set

The VM 43 C is a four-stroke diesel engine, non-reversible, turbocharged and intercooled with direct fuel injection.

Quick Facts

  • kW
    10.800 - 16.000
  • rpm
    500 - 514
  • bore
  • stroke
  • g/kW
    175 - 178

Dimensions and weight

in transverse direction X1 = 3530 mm
in longitudinal direction X2 = 3975 mm

Cylinder Liner
in transverse direction Y1 = 4165 mm
in longitudinal direction Y2 = 4610 mm
in transverse dir. reduced Y1 red = 3705 mm

Engine centre distance 3400 mm
(2 engines side by side)

Design Features

Cylinder head

Complex component in nodular cast iron, stiffness from twin-bottom design.

Connecting rod

Split shaft for simple, rapid and error-free dismantling.

Piston crown

Forged piston crown with only three piston rings for high igni tion pressure strength and long life.

Cylinder head

Cylinder head

Increased reliability due to integrated media ducts.

Cylinder liner with calibration ring

Robust cylinder liner protected from wear that has longer oil change intervals thanks to reduced dirt intake.


Turbocharger with sliding bearings, no water cooling, connected to the lubricating oil circuit, service-friendly.

Multifunctional cooling water ring

Cooling water ring catering action during assembly of cylinder liner and head and protects cylinder head bolts from corrosion.

Engine block

Engine block

Firm base for main and camshaft bearings due to inherent rigidity.

Valve Drive

Compact, modular design facilitates maintenance work on the camshaft bearings.


New MaK bearing shell technology ensures a high level of operational reliability.

Injection pump

Optimum fuel injection into the combustion chamber and, in consequence, high efficiency.


The flywheel hub is shrunk onto the crankshaft by means of an oil shrink type connection.


The camshaft is, as built, equipped with vibration dampers.

Turbocharger connection

The V-position of the turbocharger permits optimum air induction and minimum center distance in the case of multi-engine installations.

Large inspection hatches

Large inspection hatches ensure satis factory access to the engine and camshaft areas.

Exhaust pipe cladding

The cladding is subdivided into segments and can be easily and rapidly removed and installed.

Exhaust gas system

Single pipe exhaust gas system with gas outlets and cross-sections optimized for efficiency on each cylinder bankspection of the bearings.

Gearwheel drive

The symmetrical arrangement of the gearwheels relative to one another permits, by exchanging the intermediate wheel and the stepped wheel, the use of the same camshafts in the case of different engine rotational directions.

Engine room monitoring

Oil mist detector in proven technology.

Terminal board

A terminal board for monitoring and inspection connections with plenty of space for cable connections when alongside.

Turning device

Fastened directly to the engine block in a safe and low vibration manner.

Exhaust ducting connections

Vertical exhaust outlets for simple connection to the exhaust gas system.