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Bakker Sliedrecht

Electrical system integrator

Bakker Sliedrecht has become an international and leading field player in the world of electrical engineering for marine applications. We are continuously looking for optimum and innovative solutions, with the aid of state-of-the-art and conventional electrical and mechanical techniques by advising, designing and building of:

–         drive and control systems
–         automation systems
–         switchboards and MCC’s
–         control desks
–         e-motors and generators
–         cabling / installation
–         project management

Bakker Sliedrecht is specialized in:

–         diesel-electric propulsion/thruster systems, including DP systems
–         submersible motors and techniques
–         harmonics and FMEA analyses

Bakker Sliedrecht is carrying out worldwide projects turn-key and/or package based, in offshore, dredging, research vessels, fishing, merchant shipping, navy, inland shipping. They are taking care of maintenance, repair and winding of motors, generators, transformers, in high as well as low voltage. Quality, safety and environment conditions constantly have their attention. The quality systems of management and services of Bakker Sliedrecht fully comply with ISO 901 en VCA standards.

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